Thursday, August 31, 2006

Search Google, IMDb, Reference, and Weather Info

Thought of jazzing up the site a bit with Google, IMDb, and search boxes, and, if you scroll down a bit, a cool Weather Channel box where you can look up weather in your area. See,I care. Made minor updates of the 'Other Resources'link as well. More to come.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

As We Grow

At some point, this site can, hopefully, publish original posts, articles, tutorials, tips etc. In the meantime, I'll post links to other sites who've been there and have contributed to the world of radio and audio. Some of these sites - and by no means the only ones who've taught me a lot, and if I'm leaving out others, please forgive me - are Transom, Public Radio Exchange, and the one site where I've devoured, perhaps, every single entry Film Sound. As I've mentioned before, my radio production approach has been largely influenced by film sound designs. Legends like Walter Murch, Randy Thom , Gary Rydstrom , Ben Burtt , Dane Davis , and Ren Klyce , to name a few, have been great influences. Sound is, at least, 50% of a good film's success. I know you'll argue with me on that, maybe, but it just is the case. Viewers will forgive poor and grainy picture, but they will not an imperfectly designed sonic world. Anyway, I thought it appropriate to set things off with a series of posts that have been enormously helpful in my understanding sound design, theory (don't get into too much of it, though) and tips and practices. A few working craft-ists (I have a thing againsts calling someone artist) have the unusual ability to articulate the theory and practice of sound design. One such person is, surprise, surprise, Walter Murch. This is a gem of a piece presented by the folks at Transom and no audiophile should miss reading it, or viewing the Quicktime demonstration of his work on the great Apocalypse Now . Let's not waste time here. Click here to read the Murch article . I'd love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment here. I've also added a Tools Guide link on the sidebar, also a a great feature from the Transom folks.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sound Minds

Hi everyone, Welcome to SOUND MINDS, a resource blog site for all things sound. A) Want to suggest a resource link? Please use form below 1) Resource Title 2) Services or contents they provide 3) URL B) This blog is meant for all things sound. Post your thoughts, articles, reviews, recommendations, and tips for sound creation and design. All posts should pertain sound in the context of, but not limited to, creativity in production of sound for various mediums, history of sound, terms and definitions, tips and tutorials, equipment and software reviews, scholarly essays etc. If you're not the original author of an article, simply suggest a link to one. Have thoughts on a recently viewed film? Listened to an audiobook, a radio commercial, podcast or radio drama you've found fascinating? Write about it. Here. Any suggestions, comments, or thoughts, please email me. thanks, E